Choosing the Right Carpet for Your Home

Carpet gives your home a warm, cozy feeling. It's comfortable on your feet and offers a designer look that compliments your personal style. Whether you're buying wall-to-wall for a brand-new home or you're replacing old, worn flooring, understanding your options is the first step in picking the "just right" carpet.
Carpets vary by how they're constructed and the materials they're made from. There are two primary types — loop pile and cut pile. Loop pile carpets are what they sound like. They're made from fibers that are curved into loops. Cut carpets are, again like the name sounds, cut and not looped at the top. Loop carpeting is highly durable, but not particularly cushioned. Cut pile carpets are often softer than the loop version and denser as well.
Among the main categories of carpets, there are a seemingly endless number of varieties. There are different colors, patterns, heights, textures and coatings (such as stain or pet resistant coatings). With all the different types of carpeting available, how do you choose one for your home? Take a look at what you need to take into consideration when shopping for new carpet.

The Foot Traffic

How many people will walk through the room on a daily basis? Carpet in a room that gets very little foot traffic, such as a formal dining room, doesn't need the same level of durability as your preschooler's playroom.
A level loop carpet is a highly durable choice that will stand up to plenty of traffic. But the trade-off is that this type of flooring may not be as soft as other carpets. If you're looking for a carpet that people will regularly sit on (such as in a child's room), a Berber or a textured cut pile may be a better option.
If you have an extremely high traffic area and are going for an informal look, a cut-pile frieze will hold up well in a busy space. Even though these are durable, they're not always the most stylish of choices and may look somewhat industrial.

The Room's Use

What are you using the room for? A formal space, such as a dining room, often requires a more traditional look. A high-pile carpet that looks shaggy won't match a classic or formal room. But a carpet that's plush with a manicured look will. A less formal room, such as a playroom or a family room, may mean that you can have a textured surface or one with a higher pile.
When it comes down to it, the functionality of the room combines with its overall style. Looking at the intersection of form and function can help you to choose the carpet that works best for space.

The People and the Pets

Who will use this room? If you're looking for a carpet that will sit under your toddler's play table and your preschooler's painting easel, something that shows marks easily (such as a Saxony) probably won't work well. But if you have a child-free space that you'll use for entertaining adults only, the plush, dense Saxony offers an elegant look that your guests will enjoy.
Even though there are no strict rules when it comes to pairing people and carpeting, you may want to consider choosing a more durable option if you have children or teenagers. This can resist some of the mess that they'll make and stand up to rougher use. But if you're picking a carpet for your elderly grandmother's home, something soft and plush (that feels smooth on delicate skin) may be a better idea.
Don't forget about your furry friends too. If your pet is in the room often, something that snags easily (such as Berber) or shows paw prints (such as a Saxony) are probably out. Pets typically need a more durable option that resists stains and is easy to clean.
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